VST plugin support

Will Faders include VST and VST3 plug-in support? I really love the program so far, and I’m considering making it my number one DAW, if I’ll be able to use my favourite plugins

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Hey @mocsabika , thanks for the feedback, glad to hear you like it. We’re still in early beta mode, so these comments are really helpful to us!

VST support is definitely on our roadmap, however it is not something that we are able to implement straight away. Faders is browser-first, and built using the Web Audio API, so generally C++ frameworks like VST are hard to integrate. To get around this in the short term, we made our own plugin framework for the web called JSAP. We’re hoping third party developers will build their plugins using this framework, and other hosts will support it too.

In the not too distant future, we will be focussing our efforts on supporting other formats. We will keep you updated!


Thanks for the reply! Faders is a really promising project, and I’d be happy to see it grow.

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