Undo function does not apply to actions taken in the midi editor

Repro steps:

  1. On a midi track, open the editor/piano roll
  2. Take an action such as adding/removing/editing a note on the piano roll
  3. Click Session Settings

Expected result: “Undo” option reflects the action taken in step 2
Actual result: “Undo” option does not recognize actions taken in the Piano Roll, and instead applies to the most recent action taken outside of the piano roll

Impact: no way to undo actions in the midi editor

Hi again, thanks for pointing this out!

We are actually aware of this bug. We’re currently working on it and we hope to push a fix soon.

The reason this seems to happen is: every time you edit midi notes, they go through a separate history tracking system to the rest of the actions in the daw. It seems the two systems are not working together very well. I will let you know as soon as we make something live.

Thanks again!

Thanks for the updates!