Switching between audio sources

Not sure if this is a feature I’ve overlooked or just a bug, but I plugged in a USB mic, but it recorded with both the USB mic and the built in computer mics. Would I need to just disable non-used mics on my computer or is there a feature to switch between mics? Thanks! Love the software so far!

Hey, thanks for pointing this out. Glad you’re happy with the system so far.

We really appreciate this as it seems to be a bug we didn’t know we had. Is there any chance you could give us some more info so we can try to reproduce it on our machines?

  • did you connect the mic before you opened the session?
  • which browser were you using when you found the issue?


Hey! Thanks for getting back to me. I don’t remember if I plugged in the USB mic first or not, but I probably didn’t! I do know that I was on Google Chrome. Thanks!

Awesome, thanks for the info. We’ve been looking into it, hopefully we’ll be able to get a fix out for it asap.