Scale option - useful tool for education


I will be working on an international project with a school in Belgium and a school in Italy.
We will be using Faders for a part of the project!

While we were testing, it became clear that a huge help would be if we can determine a scale for each individual project.
Most (if not all) of the students (13y) and some of the teachers have very little experience with tonality and time is too short to teach them the basics.

Is there a way to implement this feature in the Piano Roll?
Just a major pentatonic and a minor pentatonic will do so much!

Warm greetings!
Tom Tiest

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Hey, thanks for using Faders for teaching a class! Also, sorry for the delay, I missed your message earlier.

Just so that I understand your problem, do you mean it would be useful to hide the keys in the piano roll that are not in a selected scale? Or did you mean just highlight certain keys if they fall into a selected scale? Either way I agree it sounds like a cool feature, and we can add it to our feature list.

Also - if you’re teaching using Faders, drop me a DM as we have an education platform in the works and we would love to give you access to our private beta.


Hi Ryan,

best would be to have both of course :slight_smile:!

But in my case, it would be best that the keys - that are not in the scale - can be hidden.
That way, by using a pentatonic scale, they can’t almost go wrong with the notes they choose.

It would also be very helpful if the teacher can determine the scale and the pupils cannot change it.
This might be an idea for the educational platform.
We’ve experienced that some restrictions are a big help to manage the chaos when you’re working with children on different projects …

I will send you a DM for the educational platform!

Kind regards,