Recording latency linux

I experience about an 80 ms latency when recording on Linux. If I recording something in time with the click track or other audio file (no effects anywhere), the recording is played back with a delay. Shifting the take back manually by 80 ms in the timeline brings everything back in sync.

I’d guess it’s something to do with how latency is handled by PulseAudio because the behaviour is the same using both internal and external (via Jack) audio interfaces.

Debian 11
Chrome (v93.0.4577.82) (although similar behaviour on FireFox)
PulseAudio with internal soundcard
PulseAudio + Jack + Focusrite Clarett (<10 ms latency with Jack native applications).

Hey, thanks for the bug report. Much appreciated.

This is a new one to us, I think. I will bring it up with the team and we will see what we can do.

I’ll keep you posted.

Thanks for looking into it. I can confirm I still get the same behaviour after a Chrome update (95.0.4638.69).