Phase Reverse Options

Having fun so far!

Is there a simple, single Phase Reverse button for mono tracks?

I’ve noticed that the only Phase Reverse (PR) capabilities are in the Utility and Mid-Side plugins (both of which are described as “stereo plugins”). When adding the Utility on a mono channel, I was initially confused as to which PR button to use and which ‘summing mode’ to be in as each one did alter the sound, but not how I was expecting them too. I think these plugins are great, but maybe not suited this purpose.

I think that having a simple PR control would be beneficial.

My initial thought was having a button on the channel strip, though that could get confusing/look cluttered for stereo tracks. Alternatively having a PR button in the simple Gain plugin would be helpful, or even the most commonly used plugins in the Spectral or Dynamic categories. Maybe making the Utility plugin have a mono view or a simple mode to make it clearer what functions would be most beneficial.

If there is a simpler PR control, and I’ve missed it entirely :sweat_smile: I apologise!

Thanks again for your feedback, Rory!

You didn’t miss anything, that’s a great summary of the options we currently have available.

I love the idea of putting a phase flip switch on the Gain plugin, as there is some empty space we could easily fill up.

The compatibility with both stereo and mono files on any track is intentional, as we feel people shouldn’t worry about the underlying channel structure when recording or dragging in a file (computers can easily handle both on the same track!).

But it does mean that all our plugins also support both mono and stereo, and the Utility processes the left and right channel independently. I’ll have a think about making it more obvious as you’re the second person to make this observation, and we want the interfaces to be fully self-explanatory. A mono-view could work, but it would be great if it didn’t require an additional action.

each ‘summing mode’ did alter the sound, but not how I was expecting them too

I’d love to have more detail on this, just in case something is actually wrong!