Hotkeys for Undo (CTRL-Z) and Redo (CTRL-Y)

As a producer who makes a lot of mistakes in my projects, I want to be able to easily undo any action using the CTRL-Z hotkey in order to quickly correct mistakes.

Workaround: Undo button in menu

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Thanks for pointing this out, I also make tonnes of mistakes. It turns out that this is actually a bug report instead of a feature request as we have already implemented hot keys. For some reason the undo/redo keys are not being recognised in some browsers. We made a fix for this today, so we’re currently testing it and it should be rolled out is out at the start of next week!

Thanks again for finding the bug.


Thanks again for pointing this out. It appears this was a Windows-specific issue, and it should now behave as expected!


  • On Windows: Ctrl+Z for undo, Ctrl+Y or Ctrl+Shift+Z for redo
  • On Mac: Cmd+Z for undo, Cmd+Y or Cmd+Shift+Z for redo

Please reach out if you are still experiencing issues with this, or indeed with anything else.