DRUNK MIXING. Weekly bug tracking sessions

DRUNK MIXING. is (probably) a weekly bug-tracking session, where we livestream ourselves trying to find problems with Faders, whilst making some terrible music/broadcasts/etc.

Join us live and let us know what you think! Everything that we find will be fed directly back to the development team, and used to improve the DAW.

Note: the Faders team do not support weekly binge-drinking. Drunk mixing will only be done drunk some of the time.

Key bugs:

  • Can’t copy regions
  • Timeline grid breaks
  • Phantom files downloading
  • Playhead doesn’t start at session loop
  • Too much reverb pre-delay
  • Glitchy waveform images

Key Bugs:

  • EQ missing icons
  • Alt drag puts the original region in the wrong place
  • Trimming from left does not work very well
  • images on regions are not great when zoomed in
  • Still can’t alt-drag to copy regions (drawRegionOnCanvas is not a function)
  • SimpleOsc doesn’t let you add notes
  • Some midi notes do not seem to be the correct pitch
  • Midi notes at the start of regions do not play
  • Some midi notes stick on
  • undoing deleting a track with midi on stops playback