Drums without samples

I erased some “assets” (something I shouldn’t have done) and now the drums run out of samples. How to fix this?

Hi @menegass,

Thanks for the feedback! We’re looking into what might have happened here.

Erasing assets (in “My Assets” in the user space?) shouldn’t have any effect on the Drummer, as it uses its own samples which you cannot delete. But it does look like there’s something wrong as the waveform doesn’t show up, and I understand you can’t hear it anymore.

If you refresh, does it work again?

It would be great if you could add me (‘brecht’) or the Faders team (‘Faders’) to a session where this is happening, so we can investigate. I’m also always keen to jump on a video call whenever you have some availability.



Update: we found the problem, and the drum machine samples should be back!
Thanks for calling our attention to it.