[Chrome] Unable to "Sign out" in the Account Drop-Down Menu

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Sign in to your account
  2. Unfold the Account Drop-Down menu in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Click “Sign out”

Expected behavior:
I’m signed out - and probably go back to the sign-in screen.

Current behavior:
Nothing happens.

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Hi Matthias,

Thanks very much for your detailed and clear bug report! You’re right, that is currently an issue and it should indeed redirect you upon log out.

I believe you’ll find that the log out is actually successful, as when you refresh you are redirected to the sign in page. However, this redirect should happen automatically so there is visual confirmation that logging out was successful!

It’s on our short term road map so expect a fix soon.



Hi @brecht,

thanks for your quick response and the clarification. The bug I encountered is definitively no big thing. I just thought faders.io is a great thing and I wanted to contribute. I’ll definitely experiment more within the next days and am looking forward to find out what you created here.

All the best


Thanks Matthias, really appreciate it and looking forward to hearing from you more!