Can't load project after renaming

I renamed one of my untitled projects to “Second”, and now when I try to open it, I get an error dialog saying “Error loading session!”.

Hey! Sorry to hear this. Currently, that dialog pops up when the session doesn’t get pulled down from our server properly. Could you try a few things to help us debug?

1 - double check you’re logged in by going back to the user-space (page with the list of projects) and hit refresh.

2 - check to see if the project is open in another place (window of tab), as this will also prevent the session from being opened multiple times.

3 - check the session name is the user-space (is it now ‘second’)

4 - if all this fails, send us the id (you can find this is url when you have the session open eg: “session_id=-937758422”)


After some more experimenting, it looks like the renaming step is not actually necessary, and that what triggers the problem is opening the project using the “Open Project” button at the upper right of the Properties page.

I can reliably reproduce the problem with the following sequence of actions using Chrome:

On the My Library page, under Projects, click “+” to create a new project. The project name can be left as the default “Untitled Project DD/MM/YYYY”. Click Create.

In the session tab that opens, dismiss the “Let’s start something awesome!” dialog and click the logo at the far upper left to return to the Projects page.

Click the “Properties” button of the newly created project.

Click the “Open Project” button at the upper right.

The “Error loading session!” message now appears.

I’m currently seeing this with session ID 1177231111.

Aha, thanks! I think I know what this might be. I’m looking into it now.

I have a feeling the DAW doesn’t like it when there’s an active connection in the settings page (e.g. if you back out of that session’s settings page when a daw session is still open, you can refresh the daw and it should load properly). I’m testing a few things, so we should have that back up and running shortly.

Really appreciate the feedback btw, these bug reports are super helpful!