Bugs I've seen so far


  1. Loading Faders from the windows electron app - Opening the task project “Record A Song In Ten Steps” and the file stalls at “Starting Engine” step. Tried multiple times, no go. Loads past this step in browser.

  2. Loading Faders from a browser (Edge) - Missing one of the reverb FX (whichever isn’t the convolution reverb). Electron version has this FX. Something -or-other DSP (?)

  3. Can’t log in to Faders online and in electron version simultaneously, makes it hard to report a bug when I can’t duplicate it whilst writing the bug report.

  4. Loading Faders from web browser (Edge) - Feedback button (big red one bottom right) in mixer and stage views covers some of the master/track fader, seems to be covering a word. Was hoping this was a function to allow me to output to my audio interface (seems that feature does not exist), still…it’s hard to tell what it’s covering and if it’s a useful feature or not, since it’s covered.

Keep up the great work


Hi Frazer,

Thanks very much for using the platform and reporting back!

1-3. The standalone version is currently lagging behind on the browser version, as we do more frequent updates on the latter. We hope to push a very significant update to both soon!

  1. I agree the feedback button is a bit annoying. It should only cover the word “Master” though. You can output audio to your audio interface if it’s set as your default device, and same with input. You may have to restart your browser so that it uses that setting. We can only see what your browser makes available, that’s browser security we can’t (won’t) work around.

Hope this helps, and keep it coming!

Brecht (Faders)