Audio Interface/Control Surface

Hi all,

Great idea here. Beautiful interface.
2 Questions:

I have an 8 in audio interface but only two inputs appear. How do I enable more inputs?
Will there be control surface support? For example the Mackie MCU protocol?


Hi Erik,

Thanks for the kind words and the feedback!

To your questions:

  • This is a current limitation of Google Chrome, and sadly out of our control. However, if you use Firefox you should be able to see all eight inputs.
  • We have MIDI support and experimented with supporting various control interfaces (not just piano keyboards). Supporting various interface mappings is on our roadmap - thank you for the suggestion!



Just to add to this as well Erik, Firefox supports 64 in/out audio which is great, but not WebMIDI and they don’t plan to. Chrome only limits to two channels in, which is frustrating. But WebMIDI is supported! I’d like to talk with you about the control surfaces and how you’d like them to be supported. I’ve played around with using a Launchpad as a control surface which was fun (very colourful). But obviously writing for every controller would be, cumbersome.

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