Assest upload failed to start

Attempting to upload some multitrack files, however I cannot upload even 1 file.

Wav file

I can add the file via drag and drop to the ‘upload new file’ window and I can add via the ‘browse’ option. The result is the same, an upload button that is greyed out and 0% progress displayed (see picture below).

There isn’t a file size limit as far as I know(?)

Any other possible explanations as to why?

Hey, thanks for the feedback.

Nope, there isn’t a size limit. I think I’ve managed to replicate the bug so I’ll get working on it now. It looks like something is preventing certain files from being decoded.

Could you let me know which version of Firefox you’re using?


Thanks Ryan

Firefox 76.0.1 (20200507114007)
(meant to include that in the last post, sorry!)

Hey @rory.fulwell , thanks again for finding this bug. It made it into our weekly sprint and we have pushed an update this afternoon that should fix it. Let me know how you get on!

What happened
On the off chance that you’re interested, the bug was happening because the script that does the file decoding was being blocked when we pushed everything into production. Solved by making a local version of it!

Hello @ryan

Firstly let me apologise for not replying sooner, it was rude of me to do that.

Secondly, yes it works! I’m on Firefox 77.0.1 now and I’ve had no issues uploading assets.

Thank you, keep it up team :+1:

Hey, no worries. We appreciate the feedback.