Ability to bypass effects

It would be advantagous to be able to bypass effects.

After adding an effect to a channel I do not see a mechanism to bypass the effect. This was evident when I had a delay with high feedback which I was trying to tune but the feedback was causing annoyance. It is a common feature to have a bypass for each plugin. Maybe I have missed it somewhere in the UI?

Hi riban,

Welcome to the community and thanks very much for your feedback!

I agree bypassing FX is quite useful to compare with/without, or undo effects without losing the settings for later use. We have bypass functionality on the FX in two places in the form of a “power” or “standby” style button: one on the Mixer slot, and one on the FX instance in the FX bar. It’s very interesting to know it may not be very visible or obvious.

I hope the screenshot below helps you for now anyway, and we’d love to hear more feedback when you have it!

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Brecht De Man

Yep! I did find the power button but it did not stop the effect.

Specifically I added a stereo delay and would the feedback up to full so that there was ever increasing audio. I toggled the power button on the effect but the feedback audio continued.

Aha! Apologies, I misunderstood.

You’ve identified a bug: bypassing the effect does stop audio feeding into the effect (as one would expect), but doesn’t stop the effect from outputting audio to the remainder of the chain. So if a high amount of feedback is set, it will keep going around inside the effect even when audio stops coming in. In the extreme case of 0 dB attenuation on each delay, it will go on forever. Does that correspond to your experience?

By the way, the same thing will happen when you stop playback: any lingering delays will remain audible, sometimes for a long time.

Thanks very much for highlighting, we’ll look into this asap!

Yes that is exactly it, cheers.